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Optimal geometry and materials for nanospacecraft magnetic damping systems

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A magnetic damping system for nanospacecraft attitude stabilization is proposed, based on the use of thin strips of amorphous Fe-B-Si soft magnetic ribbons. The size, number and location of the strips is optimized and a predictive formulation is provided. The main result of ground tests, comparing the performance of several soft magnetic materials, is that suitably heat treated amorphous ribbons provide the best loss performance in the whole range of magnetic fields expected in orbit.

F. Santoni

Field of Interest

“The field of interest shall be the organization, systems engineering, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments. These systems include but are not limited to navigation, avionics, mobile electric power and electronics, radar, sonar, telemetry, military, law-enforcement, automatic test, simulators, and command and control."


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