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Region 1 Northeastern U.S.

Title Chapter Chair Country
Binghamton Section Joint Chapter, RL07/AES10/EM14 Vincent Socci United States
Boston Section Chapter, AES10 Eli Brookner United States
Connecticut Chapter, AES10 Theodora Saunders United States
Long Island Section Chapter, AES10 Dave Mesecher United States
Mohawk Valley Section Chapter, AES10 Lauren Huie United States
New Jersey Coast Section Joint Chapter, AES10/TM14 Arshad Zarak United States
North Jersey Section Chapter, AES10 Goran Djuknic United States
Rochester Section Joint Chapter, AES10/COM19 Nirmala Shenoy United States
Syracuse Section Joint Chapter, AES10/COM19/SP01 Mustafa C. Gursoy United States

Region 2 Eastern U.S.

Title Chapter Chair Country
Baltimore Section Chapter, AES10 David Price United States
Cleveland Section Joint Chapter, RL07/IM09/AES10/IE13/EMB18 Vincent Lalli United States
Dayton Section Chapter, AES10 Justin Metcalf United States
Philadelphia Section Chapter, AES10 Fauzia Ahmad United States
Washington/Northern Virginia Joint Section Chapter, AES10 Open United States

Region 3 Southeastern U.S.

Title Chapter Chair Country
Atlanta Section Chapter, AES10/GRS29 Kristin Frinkley Bing United States
Canaveral Section Joint Chapter, AES10/C16 Charles Chapman United States
Florida West Coast Section Joint Chapter, AES10/C16 James Cavanaugh United States
Huntsville Section Chapter, AES10 Will Goins United States
Melbourne Section Jt. Chapter William Junek United States
Orlando Section Chapter, AES10 Michael Orlovsky United States

Region 4 Central U.S.

Title Chapter Chair Country
Southeastern Michigan Section Chapter, AES10/COM19 Philip Hall United States
Twin Cities Chapter, AES10 Firooz Sadjadi United States

Region 5 Southwestern U.S.

Title Chapter Chair Country
Central Texas Section Joint SMC/AES Chapter Walt Downing United States
Dallas Section Chapter, AES10 Chris Pilcher United States
Denver Section Chapter Nagaraj Shivaramaiah United States
Fort Worth Section Chapter, AES10 Gene Bibb United States
Galveston Bay Section Joint Chapter, VT/AES/C/EMB/RA/PE Zafar Taqvi United States
Kansas City Section Chapter, AES10 Robert Groh United States
Pikes Peak Section Chapter, AES10 United States
Saint Louis Section Chapter, AES10 Robert Menzel United States
Wichita Section Chapter, AES10 George Dean United States

Region 6 Western U.S.

Title Chapter Chair Country
Buenaventura Section Chapter, AES10 Sana Sarfraz United States
Orange County Section Chapter, AES10 Kai-Bor Yu United States
San Diego Section Chapter, AES10 Stephen Stubberud United States
Seattle Section Chapter, AES10 Tyler Marshall United States

Region 7 Canada

Title Chapter Chair Country
Kitchener-Waterloo Section Chapter, AES10 Reza Dizaji Canada
Montreal Section Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Chapter Luis Rodrigues and Walter Lucia Canada
Montreal Section Joint Chapter, AES10/SMC28 Luis Rodrigues Canada
Montreal Section Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Chapter Walter Lucia and Luis Rodrigues Canada
Ottawa Section Chapter, AES10 Hugh Reekie Canada
Quebec Section Chapter, AES10/OE22/GRS29 Yves De Villers Canada
Toronto Section Chapter Hassan A. Kojori Canada
Vancouver Section Joint Chapter, AES10/GRS29 David G. Michelson Canada
Winnipeg Section AES and GRS Joint Societies Chapter Dustin Isleifson Canada

Region 8 Europe, Mid East, Africa

Title Chapter Chair Country
Benelux Section Chapter Mark Bentum Netherlands
Croatia Section Joint Chapter, AES10, GRS29 Davor Bonefacic Croatia
Cyprus Section Chapter George Dekoulis Cyprus
Denmark Section, VT06/AES10/IT12/COM19 Ramjee Prasad Denmark
France Section, AES10 Stephane Kemkemian France
Germany Section Chapter Wolfgang Koch Germany
Greece Section Joint Chapter, VT06/AES10 Dimitrios Efstathiou Greece
IEEE Russia Section Electron Devices, Microwave Theory and Techniques , Aerospace and Electronic Systems Joint Societies Chapter Vadim Kaloshin Russia
Inst Superieur de l'aeronautique et de l'Espace Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter Serena Rizzolo France
Israel Section Chapter, AES10 Yaakov Oshman Israel
Italy Section Chapter, AES10 Alfonso Farina Italy
Poland Section Chapter, AP03/AES10/MTT17 Wojciech Krzysztofik Poland
Russia (Northwest) Section Chapter, SP01/AES10/UFFC20 Alexander Kukaev Russia
Russia (Siberia) Section Jt. Chapter Vitaly Suhotin Russia
South Africa Section Joint Chapter, AES10/GRS Meena Lysko South Africa
Spain Section Chapter, AES10 Gonzalo Seco Spain
Switzerland Chapter, AES10 Heinz Wipf Switzerland
Tunisia Section Chapter, AES10 Adel M. Alimi Tunisia
Turkey Section Chapter, AES10 Murat Efe Turkey
UK and Ireland Section Chapter, AES10 Matthew Ritchie United Kingdom
Ukraine (East) Joint Chapter, AES/MTT/AP/ED/EMB/GRS/NPS Nickolay T. Cherpak Ukraine
Ukraine Section Joint Chapter, SP01/AES10 Yuliya Averyanova Ukraine

Region 9 Latin America

Title Chapter Chair Country
Argentina Section Chapter, AES10 Mathe Ladislao Argentina
Columbia Section Chapter, AES10 German Cabuya Parra Colombia
Guadalajara Section Chapter, AES10 Luis Valtierra Mexico
Peru Section Joint Chapter Dr. Raul Yanyachi Peru
South Brazil Section Chapter, AES10 Andre Fenili Brazil

Region 10 Asia and Pacific

Title Chapter Chair Country
Bangalore Section Chapter Dr. PMS Rajan India
Beijing Section Chapter, AES10 Shunjun Wu China
India Council Joint Chapter, AES10/COM19/LEO36 Quraish Bakir India
Indonesia Section Joint Chapter, GRS29/AES10 Arifin Nugroho Indonesia
Islamabad Section Chapter, AES10/GRS29 Khalid M. Tahir Pakistan
Madras Section, AES10 Nagappan Andiappan India
Nanjing Section Chapter, AES10 Xiao-Hua Zhu China
Queensland Section Chapter, AES10 Jason Williams Australia
Seoul Section Chapter, AES10 Young Kil Kwag South Korea
Singapore Section Joint Chapter, AES10/GRS29 See Kye Yak Singapore
South Australia Section Joint Chapter, AES10/CS23 Luke Rosenberg Australia
Tokyo/Sapporo/Sendai/Shin-Etsu/Nagoya/Kansai/Hiroshima/Shikoku/Fukuoka Joint Sections Chapter, AES Massanobu Shimada Japan

Student Branch

Title Chapter Chair Country
Dokuz Eylül University Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter Yesim Zoral Turkey
Escuela Tecnologica Inst Tecnico Central Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter Sergio Ramirez Moreno
Florida Institute of Technology Stephane Bucaille United States
Panimalar Institute of Technology Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter Arun M India
Peoples Education Society University Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter, Bangalore Section Abhigyan Nath India
Pontificia Univ Catolica Del Peru Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter in the Peru Section David Aguilar Paredes Peru
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Sede Bogotá Student Branch Chapter Jairo Hurtado Colombia
Student Branch Chapter at the Fundacao Universidade Federal do ABC Eduardo Machado de França Brazil
Student Branch Chapter at the Unidad Profesional Interdiscip En Ing Tec Avanzada Minelia Veronica Landeros Mendez Mexico
Tunisia Student Chapter Chafaa Hamrouni Tunisia
Univ Distrital Francisco Jose De Caldas German Cabuya Colombia
Universidad del Valle Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter in the Colombia Section Carlos Galindez Jamioy
Universidad Don Bosco Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter Manuel Cardona Gutierrez
Universidad Escuela Colombiana de Carreras Industriales Student Branch Chapter Luis Rico Riveros Colombia
Universidad Santo Tomas - Tunja Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Student Branch Chapter Edgar Gutierrez Colombia
University of Turkish Aeronautical Student Branch, Turkey Section Nevsan Sengil Turkey

Field of Interest

“The field of interest shall be the organization, systems engineering, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments. These systems include but are not limited to navigation, avionics, mobile electric power and electronics, radar, sonar, telemetry, military, law-enforcement, automatic test, simulators, and command and control."


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