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Robert N. Trebits IEEE International Carnahan Conference On Security Technology Rep
Giovani Herom Santos
Braham Himed Warren D. White Award Chair (2019-2020); AESS Magazine Tutorials; Magazine Editorial Board; Radar Systems Panel Past-Chair
Johannes Dietrich
Fauzia Ahmad Philadelphia Section Chapter Chair; TIM Associate Editor
Yakov S. Shifrin 2015 Society Pioneer Award Winner
Giuseppe A. Fabrizio Past President (2020-2021); President (2018-2019); Short Course Committee Chair (2020); AESS Short Course Instructor; AESS Distinguished Lecturer (2020-2022); IEEE Fellow
Frank Reyes BoG 2014-2016; AUTOTESTCON Rep. (2015-2017)
Joseph G. Teti, Jr.
Tony Ponsford AESS Distinguished Lecturer (2015-2016)
Luis Romeral
Dan Walsh AUTOTESTCON Rep (2018-2021)
Jose R. Bolanos International Director, Region 9
Paul J. Nahin
Charles R. Carter
Raviraj Adve Radar Systems Panel Vice-Chair
Andy Register
Chee Chong
Rand Hulsing
Gökhan Inalhan
Phil Dugandzic Richard D.Kerschner Award Chair
Robin A. Dillard
Paola Escobari Vargas Sensors Council Representative (2020)
Susanne Walsh
Walter Rawle
Robert C. Michelson
Maria Bualat
David Syse
Nobuhiko Fujii
Guanrong Chen
Myron Kayton AESS Past President 1993-1994; AESS Distinguished Lecturer
Paul Burns
Eun Oh Vice President of Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia AESS Chapter
Rudolf A. Stampfl AESS Past President 1979-1980
Michael Wicks
Maria S. Greco BoG (2019-2021); VP Publications (2019-2020); AESS Distinguished Lecturer (2020-2022); IEEE Fellow
Stephen F. Becka
Prentiss N. Robinson
Karl R. Gerlach
Mathe Ladislao Argentina Section Chapter Chair
Anthony W. England
Arifin Nugroho Indonesia Section Joint Chapter Chair
Rita Janssen T-AES Administrative Editor and Publication Office
Bahar J. Uttam
Theodora S. Saunders
Long Teng
Wayne Cassaday
Octavio Ponce
Kenneth Nickell
E. M. Adam
Daniel A. Tazartes
Ronald Helmick
Nick Whiteley
Ron Mahler
Francesca Filippini Graduate Student Representative (2019-2020); Professional Networking and Mentoring Chair (2019-2020)
Ellis Hitt
Mohammad M. Tehrani
Walter Downing President (2020-2021); Executive VP (2018-2019); AUTOTESTCON Rep (2017-2019); AESS Distinguished Lecturer (2020-2022)
Paul Kostek AESS Past President 2000-2001; Avionics Systems PaneI Chair; EEE/AIAA Digital Avionics Systems Conference Rep; IEEE/AIAA/NASA Integrated Communications Navigation & Surveillance Rep
Leon Turner
Ruhai Wang AESS Magazine Associate Editor (Area of Specialty: Systems Engineering)
Bonnie J. Dunbar
Robert Kennedy Queensland Section Chapter Chair
Shaun Frost
Mike D. Turley
Joseph R. Guerci
Simon Watts Fellows Evaluation Chair (2017)
Vitaly Suhotin Chapter Chair
Juan Antonio Ortega
Wenbo Dou
Andrew Flanyak
Fabiola Colone BoG (2020-2022); VP Member Services (2019-2020); BoG (2017-2019); Editor-in-Chief, AESS QEB (2018-2019); AESS Networking and Mentoring Chair (2017-2019)
Gary Vrokovnik
Ronald P. Mahler
Samuel Shapero AES Magazine Editorial Board, Book Reviews
Elisa Shahbazian
Mark T. Fennel
Richard Klemm
Richard Greenspan
A. J. Van Dierendonck
Jeong Soo Lee AESS Nanotechnology Council Secondary Representative (2019-2020)
Gerard T. Capraro
Michael Schnell
Stefano Lagrasta
Dennis Akos
Piotr Samczynski
Hideyoshi Ko
B. W. Parkinson
James L. Farrell
Craig Carthel
Phil Hattis Aerospace Control & Guidance Panel Chair
Lou J. Urban AESS Past President 1977-1978
Aboulnasr Hassanien
Haiying Liu AESS Magazine Associate Editor (Areas of Specialty: Control System Engineering)
Timothy Buck
Robert M. Gagliardi
David H. Klyde Aerospace Control & Guidance Systems Technical Panel Chair
Kristin Bing Atlanta Section Chapter Chair
Suresh M. Joshi

Field of Interest

“The field of interest shall be the organization, systems engineering, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments. These systems include but are not limited to navigation, avionics, mobile electric power and electronics, radar, sonar, telemetry, military, law-enforcement, automatic test, simulators, and command and control."


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