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Pioneer Award Past Recipients List

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1949 Thomas C. Rives
1950 L. M. Clements
1951 Harold M. McClelland
1952 A. Hoyt Taylor
1953 David G. C. Luck
1954 Francis W. Dunmore
1955 Lewis M. Hull
1956 Alfred W. Marriner & Wallace G. Smith
Harry Diamond (Posthumous)
Wayne G. Eaton (Posthumous)
John W. Grieg (Posthumous)
Thorp Hiscock (Posthumous)
Frederick A. Kolster (Posthumous)
William H. Murphy (Posthumous)
John Stone (Posthumous)
1957 Lawrence A. Hyland
Alessandro Artom (Posthumous)
1958 Albert F. Hegenberger & Clayton C. Shangraw
Malcolm P. Hanson (Posthumous)
1959 Henri G. Busignies & Francis L. Moseley
1960 John H. Dellinger
1961 John Alvin Pierce
1962 Donald M. Stuart
1963 Luis W. Alvarez
1964 Ernst Ludwig Kramar
1965 Andrew Alford
1966 Robert J. Dippy
Otto Scheller (Posthumous)
1967 Lloyd Espenshied & Russell C. Newhouse
1968 William J. Tull
1969 William J. O’Brien & Harvey F. Schwarz
1970 Paul G. Hansel
1971 Robert L. Frank & Winslow Palmer
1972 Myron H. Nichols
1973 Frederic Calland Williams
Bertram Vivian Bowden
Kenneth Ernest Harris
1974 George B. Litchford & Joseph Lyman
1975 Ivan A. Getting
1976 Spencer Kellogg II
1977 Robert M. Page
1978 Charles S. Draper
1979 Peter R. Murray
1980 Sven H. Dodington
1981 Louis A. deRosa (Posthumous), Mortimer Rogoff, Paul E. Green, Jr. & Wilbur B. Davenport, Jr.
1982 Arthur A. Collins
1983 Allan Ashley, Joseph E. Herrmann & James S. Perry
1984 Leroy C. Perkins, Harry B. Smith & David H. Mooney
1985 Carl L. Wiley
1986 William H. Guier, George C. Weiffenbach, Richard B. Kerschner (Posthumous), Frank T. McClure (Posthumous)
1987 Rudolph A. Stampfl & Peter H. Werenfels
1988 Charles E. Cook & William M. Siebert
1989 Frederick H. Battle, Jr., Abraham Tatz & Joseph E. Woodward
1990 Jay W. Forrester & Robert R. Everett
1991 Fred M. Staudaher, Melvin Labitt & Frank R. Dickey, Jr.
1992 William C. Eppers
1993 William F. Bahret
1994 Bradford W. Parkinson
1995 Robert E. Cowdery & William A. Skillman
1996 Richard B. Marsten
1997 John H. Bryant (Posthumous), James Cheal & Vincent J. McHenry
1998 John N. Entzminger, Charles A. Fowler & William J. Kenneally
1999 Tom M. Hylin & Britton T. Vincent, Jr.
2000 Herbert G. Weiss
2001 Milton E. Radant
2002 Joseph A. Meyer
2003 William H. Brown, Jack L. Walker & William Russell Boario
2004 Erwin C. Gangl
2005 Charles Edward Muehe
2006 William Fishbein
2007 George Kirkpatrick
2008 Robert D. Briskman

Field of Interest

“The field of interest shall be the organization, systems engineering, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments. These systems include but are not limited to navigation, avionics, mobile electric power and electronics, radar, sonar, telemetry, military, law-enforcement, automatic test, simulators, and command and control."


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