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April 2015

Paper Title Author Edit link
Simultaneous Navigation and Synthetic Aperture Radar Focusing Fredrik Gustafsson
Wideband Cognitive Radar Waveform Optimization for Joint Target Radar Signature Estimation and Target Detection Hongwei Liu
Doppler Tolerant and Detection Capable Polyphase Code Sets Farhan A. Qazi
A New Radar Waveform Design Algorithm with Improved Feasibility for Spectral Coexistence A. Aubry
Ultra-Weak Simultaneous Signal Detection with Theoretical Phase Calculation Approaches M. Y. Lanzerotti
Nano-Satellite Swarm for SAR Applications: Design and Robust Scheduling Chee Khiang Pang
Impact of Strong Direct Blast on Active Sonar Systems Luzhou Xu
Colocated MIMO radar waveform design for transmit beampattern formation Haisheng Xu
A Theoretical Phase Calculation Approach for N Simultaneous Signals M. Y. Lanzerotti
Noise Statistics Across the Three Axes of a Tri-Axial Velocity Sensor Constructed of Pressure Sensors Andriy Y. Olenko
Unambiguous Angle Estimation of Unresolved Targets in Monopulse Radar Byung-Lae Cho
Optimal Attitude Maneuver of an Axisymmetric Spinning Solar Sail Shengping Gong
Road-Map Assisted Standoff Tracking of Moving Ground Vehicle Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Hyondong Oh
Stepped OFDM radar technique to resolve range and Doppler simultaneously Gabriel Lellouch
A Simple Position Estimator that Improves Advanced RAIM Performance Juan Blanch
Receding Horizon Trajectory Optimization in Opportunistic Navigation Environments Zaher M. Kassas
SAR Probability Density Function Estimation Using a Generalized Form of K-Distribution Yong Bian
The Structure of Sidelobe-Preserving Operator Groups Gregory E. Coxson
A multitarget range-azimuth tracker Francesco Bandiera
Ionospheric Planar Gradient Detection with Carrier-phase-only Measurements Gabriele Giorgi
Self-organizing Satellite Constellation in Geostationary Earth Orbit Garrie S. Mushet,
Nash Strategies for Pursuit-Evasion Differential Games Involving Limited Observations Wei Lin
Adaptive Node Scheduling under Accuracy Constraint for Wireless Sensor Nodes with Multiple Bearings-only Sensing Units A. Nayebi-Astaneh
Geolocation Using TOA, FOA and Altitude Information at Singular Geometries L.A. Romero
Random-Point-Based Filters: Analysis and Comparison in Target Tracking Jindrich Duník
Real-Time Load Impedance Optimization for Radar Spectral Mask Compliance and Power Efficiency Matthew Fellows
Dynamic Modeling and Vibration Control of a Flexible Satellite Wei He
Strategies for Information Injection for Networks Estimating Emitter Location Lauren M. Huie
Parameter Estimation for Towed Cable Systems Using Moving Horizon Estimation Liang Sun
Gain-scheduled EKF for Nano-satellite Attitude Determination System Shoushun Chen
JIPDA*: Automatic Target Tracking Avoiding Track Coalescence Henk Blom
Scheduling in Compute Cloud with Multiple Data Banks Using Divisible Load Paradigm S. Suresh
Coordinated Standoff Tracking of Moving Target Groups Using Multiple UAVs Hyondong Oh
Bistatic Three Dimensional Interferometric ISAR Image Reconstruction Marco Martorella
UWB-based Localization in Large Indoor Scenarios: Optimized Placement of Anchor Nodes Stefania Monica
Improving EFA-STAP performance using persymmetric covariance matrix estimation Tong Wang
Enabling Orbit Determination of Space Debris Using Narrowband Radar Ediz Cetin
Performance of Moving Target Parameter Estimation Using SAR Mats I. Pettersson
Inverse Radon Transform Based Micro-Doppler Analysis from a Reduced Set of Observations Vesna Popovic-Bugarin
Lyapunov-Based Impact Time Control Guidance Laws against Stationary Targets Mingu Kim
Impact Angle Constrained Sliding Mode Guidance against Maneuvering Target with Unknown Acceleration H. Jin Kim
GBAS Ionospheric Anomaly Monitoring Strategy Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence Metric Jeongho Cho
Fast Adaptive Pulse Compression Based on Matched Filter Outputs Yan Zhang
Nonlinear Estimation of a Maneuvering Target with Bounded Acceleration using Multiple Mobile Mingfeng Zhang
UAV Energy Extraction with Incomplete Atmospheric Data Using MPC Yuyi Liu
Kernel-based machine learning using radio-fingerprints for localization in WSNs Hichem Snoussi
Particle Filter Tracking for the Banana and Contact Lens Problems Kevin Romeo
Mitigating Radio Emitter Clock Offset in Detection and Geolocation Douglas A. Cairns
Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Noncircular Sources via Structured Least Squares-based ESPRIT Using 3-axis Crossed Array Lei Huang
Ensemble Fixed-size LS-SVMs Applied for the Mach Number Prediction in Transonic Wind Tunnel Xiaojun Wang
Controlling spacecraft landings with constantly and exponentially decreasing time-to-contact Guido de Croon
Radar Detection and Range Estimation Using Oversampled Data A. Aubry

January 2015

Paper Title Author Edit link
Optimal Rabbit Ear Effect Detection and Suppression for Electronic Support Receiver Meysam Lotfi
Conjugate Gradient Adaptive Matched Filter Zhu Chen
Iterative Joint Integrated Probabilistic Data Association for Multitarget Tracking Taek Lyul Song
Double-Chipwise Correlation Technique for Efficient L2C Signal Acquisition Hong Li
On Direction Finding in Partly Calibrated ULAs with Unknown Gains and Phases Shing-Chow Chan
Estimation of the K-distributed Clutter Plus Thermal Noise Parameters Using Higher Order and Fractional Moments Faouzi Soltani
Analytical Expressions for Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) Performance Dr. Louis B. Fertig
A Novel Algorithm for Radar Classification based on Doppler Characteristics Exploiting Orthogonal Pseudo-Zernike Polynomials C. Clemente
Fuzzy statistical normalization CFAR detector for non-Rayleigh data Shefeng Yan
A Novel [zlog(z)]-Based Closed Form Approach to Parameter Estimation of K-Clutter-plus-Noise for Radar Detection Amar Mezache
A BPNG for Target Observability Enhancement against Non-maneuvering Targets Chang-Hun Lee
An iterative method for attitude determination based on misaligned GNSS baselines A.A. Ardalan
Reduced-Dimension Robust Capon Beamforming Using Krylov-Subspace Techniques S. D. Somasundaram
Real-Time Low-Complexity Automatic Modulation Classifier for Pulsed Radar Signals Víctor Iglesias
Multilane Road Target Tracking Using Radar and Image Sensors X. Rong Li
Through-the-wall detection of human activities using a noise radar with microwave quadrature correlator Waldemar Susek
Multipath Effect on Radar Detection of Non-Fluctuating Targets Dongweon Yoon
Minimum Integrated Sidelobe Ratio Filters for MIMO Radar M. S. Davis
Sparsity-Based Signal Processing for Noise Radar Imaging Ram Narayanan
Aircraft Electric System Intermittent Arc Fault Detection and Location A. Yaramasu
Probabilistic Multi-Hypothesis Tracker with an Evolving Poisson Prior Samuel J. Davey
BCrossterm-free Time-Frequency Distribution Reconstruction via Lifted Projectionsim A.E. Çetin
Joint Synthetic Aperture Radar and Space-Time Adaptive Processing on a Single Receive Channel Emre Ertin
Artificial Bee Colony Based Direct Collocation for Reentry Trajectory Optimization of Hypersonic Vehicle Haibin Duan
Computationally Efficient Toeplitz Approximation of Structured Covariance under a Rank Constraint Bosung Kang
Optimal geometry and materials for nanospacecraft magnetic damping systems F. Santoni
Systolic-Array Architecture for Steerable Multi-Beam VHF Wave-Digital RF Apertures Nilanka Rajapaksha,
Near-Range Point Spread Function Coarray Analysis for Array Imaging Saleem A. Kassam
Adaptive Waveform Selection for Multistatic Target Tracking Ngoc Hung Nguyen,
Satellite Recognition and Pose Estimation Using Homeomorphic Manifold Analysis Haopeng Zhang
Finite-Time Control for Spacecraft Body-Fixed Hovering over an Asteroid Amit K. Sanyal
Resource Management Construct for an Adaptive DBF Electronic Support Receiver Jeremy Stringer
Car Detection by Fusion of HOG and Causal MRF Satish Madhogaria
A Novel Algorithm of X-ray Pulsar Navigation against Doppler Effects Title: A Novel Algorithm of X-ray Pulsar Navigation against Doppler Effects J. Liu
IF Estimation of FM Signals Based on Time-Frequency Image Haijian Zhang
Radar Signatures of Furniture Elements B. Kang
Closed Form 3D Polynomial Solution From Multiple 2D Sensors J. A. Roecker
3-dimensional Position and Velocity Regulation of a Quad-Rotorcraft Using Optical Flow Luis Rodolfo García Carrillo
On-orbit Cooperating Space Robotic Servicers Handling a Passive Object Georgios Rekleitis
Track Initiation of Low-Earth-Orbit Objects using Statistical Modeling of Sparse Observations Thibaut Castaings
Distributed (Nonlinear) Target Tracking in Clutter Taek Lyul Song
High Throughput Satellite Systems: An Analytical Approach H. Fenech
New Evolutionary Search for Long Low Autocorrelation Binary Sequences Ke-Lin Du
Baseline Advanced RAIM User Algorithm and Possible Improvements Juan Blanch
Fast Target Object Map Handover J. A. Roecker
Efficiently Evaluating Reachable Sets in the Circular Restricted 3-Body Problem Elizabeth Bradley
A Novel Temporal-Spatial Variable Scale Algorithm for Detecting Multiple Moving Objects Tianxu Zhang
Fuzzy Adaptive Disturbance Observer-Based Robust Adaptive Control for Skid-to-Turn Missiles Dongkyoung Chwa
A Model for non Rayleigh Clutter Amplitudes Using Compound Inverse Gaussian Distribution: an experimental analysis A. Mezache
Source Enumeration for Large Array Using Shrinkage-based Detectors with Small Samples L. Huang
Efficient Closed-Form Estimators for Multistatic Sonar Localization Liyang Rui
Simplified Design, Optimization and Comparative Study of SPM, BLDC and Halbach Machines for Micro-Satellite Electro-Mechanical Batteries B. Abdi
Decentralized localization using radio-fingerprints and accelerometer in WSNs Xiaowei Lv

Field of Interest

“The field of interest shall be the organization, systems engineering, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments. These systems include but are not limited to navigation, avionics, mobile electric power and electronics, radar, sonar, telemetry, military, law-enforcement, automatic test, simulators, and command and control."


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