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Below is the text of an AESS message you requested via Judy.  I recommend we send to the AIAA in accordance with Judy’s message to me  on June 4.


“After several electronic organization were formed to help the U.S. win  World War II when the war was over these organizations were still able to make big contributions so they kept going and growing.  They were the core of organizations that today still lead military avionics efforts.  Many probably connect in some way the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Society.


Avionics business has thrived.  The ever expanding benefices from avionics make them very attractive.  Every type of aircraft can realize new benefits from emerging avionics.  These new avionics also offer as a minimum less aircraft weight and increased efficiency.  Additionally military workers can often find very attractive job opportunities in the civil world.


Avionics is the application of the latest electronics to aircraft and other flying devices.  Although the avionics industry invents very few devices for its own use it takes full advantage of the capabilities of the mass produced items.  These devices, both industry wide and specific to avionics, lead to significant benefits in many areas of aviation operation such as flight safety, improved fuel efficiency, and safer aircraft.


Avionics has a lot of promise.  The payoff we have seen to date offers unknown promise for the future.  Although it is not possible to spell out the future payoffs we know there will be many in many diverse areas.”


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                Cary Spitzer