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Webinar on the History of Lockheed’s Spy Satellite Programs

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On October 8th the IEEE Silicon Valley Technical History Committee will present a Webinar, “Lockheed’s Spy Satellite Programs” covering the history of the “eye in the sky” programs managed by Lockheed out of Silicon Valley – in particular it focuses on the CORONA program and the Agena space vehicle, an SUV, Space Utility Vehicle used in 362 launches over three decades.  The webinar features 5 Lockheed veterans who will talk about the programs from the 50’s into this century.

Lockheed Missiles and Space Systems (Lockheed) in Silicon Valley, California, was the system integrator of the Corona payload which included new camera, film and recovery capsule as well as the developer of never flown Agena which served as the upper stage to the Thor booster and spacecraft.  It was breakthrough technology in all aspects.

This free webinar is will be held on October 8, 2020 beginning at 1:30 Pacific time and last for about 2 hours.


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“The field of interest shall be the organization, systems engineering, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments. These systems include but are not limited to navigation, avionics, mobile electric power and electronics, radar, sonar, telemetry, military, law-enforcement, automatic test, simulators, and command and control."


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