IEEE AESS Pioneer Award Nomination Form

For pioneering contributions to aerospace and electronic systems that have occurred at least 20 years prior to the year of the award and are still in use today. If nomination is for contributions by more than one individual, please submit a separate form for each individual involved.


We recommend no more than three individuals be recognized for the same contribution. Please research to assure we have the right person(s) that the pioneering contribution can be attributed to. We are looking for the key individual(s) that contributed to the end-product to make it a reality and/or brought it to fruition. Remember this is a technical achievement award, program management successes are recognized by the Management Society. There have been some challenges in recent years questioning if we had the “real” pioneers, especially since successful “complex systems” tend to have many fathers. That’s why the endorsement letters are so critical.

They establish the validity of the individual(s) that are key, those that without them the success of the
“system” would have been highly unlikely. It is not a condition that any awardees should have been sole or original inventor or developer, “significant contribution” of a specific nature is the key criterion.


You will be able to add up to four nominees. If you need to nominate more than four, please contact the Operations Manager at (Click to show email).