AESS Publications

The goal of the “Pubs Team” is to provide engaging, interesting and technically challenging papers and articles many of which are written by AESS members. While we encourage your membership in this diverse society, non-members are also encouraged to submit their works for consideration for publication.

AESS sponsors and co-sponsors publications that provide differing levels of technology, invention and information to the AESS readers. These include IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine and IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Tutorials, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, and the newly-formed Open Journal on Systems Engineering. Additionally, the Quarterly E-mail Blast (QEB) newsletter informs members of ongoing activities serving the interests of AESS members.

As we continue to better serve our readership, we solicit the submission of articles to support the continued growth and improvement of the AESS. This website provides you with convenient access to the publications submission process for AESS.

Sponsored Publications

  • AESS Transactions contains the highest quality technical papers which detail scientific findings in the many systems-related technology areas served by AESS. A great deal of time and volunteer effort is expended to insure that each paper is fully reviewed and vetted for its content and quality. The goal of Transactions is to improve and enhance the foundations of science on which Systems are conceived, designed and physically realized.  Proof of their quality is the fact that frequently, Transactions papers continue to be referenced by the technical community for many years after their publication.

  • The IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine is a monthly magazine that publishes articles concerned with the various aspects of systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments as well as news and information of interest to IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society members. Our goal is to inform the readers of technologies, state of the art, design trades, etc. so that they will gain insights into a field heretofore unknown to them. We want to introduce technical specialties to readers in the hope that something in the articles will give them some insight for their own fields of endeavor.

  • AESS publishes a quarterly email blast filled with news and information about the activities of the society. It is delivered directly to member inboxes, or it can be viewed on the website.

Co-Sponsored Publications

IEEE Open Journal of Systems Engineering (OJSE) is a new open-access technical journal devoted to the multidisciplinary aspects of systems engineering. Systems engineering involves elements of model-based systems engineering; digital thread; requirements generation, flow down, tracking, needs analysis, and validation/verification; integration and test; and full life cycle support of the target system. OJSE deals primarily with the science, methodology, and tools of systems engineering, rather than the results of the application of systems engineering that is the focus of other IEEE journals.