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AESS QEB, Issue 14

January, 2013

Society News

Welcome Message
by Hugh Griffiths
AESS President 2012-2013


1 January marks the appointment of eight members of the AESS Board of Governors for a three year term. Six are appointed by election by AESS members and two by the Board of Governors. It is a pleasure to welcome Wolfgang Koch, Kathleen Kramer, Jim Leonard, Leo Ligthart, Ron Ogan, Roger Oliva, George Schmidt and Iram Weinstein. I also extend my thanks on behalf of the Society to Jim Howard, Reza Dizaji, Frank Reyes, Reece Lumsden and Theo Saunders, who are stepping down.
You may ask what the Board of Governors actually does. We are responsible for managing the affairs of the Society, setting a strategy and carrying it out. This includes Publications, Conferences, Education, Industry Relations, Membership, Finance and Technical Operations – each headed by a Vice-President (VP). More detailed information on the composition of the Board and its work can be found on the AESS website.
I am keen that the Board is visible to the wider membership, so I have arranged as far as possible that our meetings coincide with conferences – last year at PLANS in May and AUTOTESTCON in September. The Spring meeting this year will be at the RADARCON conference in Ottawa, Canada, and we look forward to meeting and to talking to as many of you as possible.


It cannot have escaped your notice that the format of the AESS Magazine has changed – and we hope you will agree, very much for the better. This new format and new content is the result of many months of thought and planning, and I would particularly like to thank Teresa Pace as Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine and Peter Willett as VP of Publications for all of their hard work in bringing this project to fruition.
Of course, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think, and let us have your suggestions for how we can further improve the Magazine.


This time also marks the retirement of Dave Dobson, Administrative Editor for the Magazine. Dave has been the driving force behind the production of the Magazine for several decades. We will be marking his retirement with a banquet and presentation, and no doubt photographs of that occasion will appear in a future issue of the Magazine. Our sincere thanks and our best wishes go to Dave on his retirement.

Hugh Griffiths
AESS President

The AESS Board of Governors held their Spring 2013 Officers' Meeting on January 26, 2013 in Washington, DC. The purpose of this meeting was strictly strategic planning.

The meeting was followed with a very special event, a dinner in honor of David Dobson, retiring Administrative Editor for the AESS Publications. The dinner was held at the JW Marriott in downtown Washington, DC. Dave was honored with gifts, cards, and letters of appreciation for his 53 years of service.


Hugh Griffiths presents President's Award to Dave Dobson

Peter Willett and Lance Kaplan present Dave with a signed Transactions on AES

Teresa Pace and Maria Greco present Dave with a gift of appreciation

Bill and Suzanne Walsh present Dave with a memory book


Dale Blair gave a tribute to Dave and presented him with a handmade chair for his home

David Dobson


David Dobson ended the evening with his relections on the past 50 years

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AESS Technical Panels: Call for Participation

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Aerospace Control & Guidance Systems:
Lou Knotts 

Aerospace Systems Integration Engineering:
Chair Open (contact Roger Oliva, VP Technical Activities)

Aerospace Workforce:
Chair Open (contact Roger Oliva, VP Technical Activities)

Avionics Systems:
Paul Kostek

Cyber Security:
Fred Wright

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Randall Curey

Radar Systems:
Mark Davis

Space Systems:
Cosimo Stallo

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Hody Lambert

George Dean



Call for Papers - IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
Special Issue on Wide-Area and Staring Synthetic Aperture Radar
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Upcoming in Systems Magaizine. . .

"NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation Test Bed aboard the International Space Station" -
R. C. Reinhart, T. J. Kacpura, S. K. Johnson, and J. P. Lux

"Performance Analysis of China Dual-Frequency Airborne Precipitation Radar" -
J. Shang, H. Yang, H. Yin, Q. Wu, Y. Guo, and P. Zhang

"Multifrequency Integration in FM Radio-Based Passive Bistatic Radar. Part I: Target Detection" -
F. Colone, C. Bongioanni, P. Lombardo

"Multifrequency Integration in FM Radio-Based Passive Bistatic Radar. Part II: Direction of Arrival Estimation" -
F. Colone, C. Bongioanni, P. Lombardo

"Book Review: Fundamentals of Object TrackingI" -
L. Svensson

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In accordance with IEEE policies regarding open access (OA) content, the AES Transactions has become a “hybrid” journal for submissions dated November 1st 2012 or later. This means that authors have the choice between the traditional publication model and an OA model. The former is the familiar procedure in which an accepted article is available on IEEEXplore to subscribers of that service. Under the OA model the author of an accepted manuscript chooses to pay a fee, such that the manuscript is posted on IEEEXplore and available, free, to all. The current OA fee is $1750 per article, and this figure is independent of manuscript type (regular, correspondence or letter).