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AESS QEB, Issue 13

October, 2012

Society News

Welcome Message
by Hugh Griffiths
AESS President 2011-2012


As I write this, I was supposed to be traveling today to New Jersey for the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) meetings. Not surprisingly, the devastation following the storms has meant that this event has now been downscaled, so that only the essential business is to be done, and most participants will not need to attend in person. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those whose lives and property have been affected by these storms.

You will shortly be receiving the new-format AESS Magazine. This new format and new content is the result of many months of thought and planning, and I would particularly like to thank Teresa Pace as Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine and Peter Willett as VP of Publications for all of their hard work in bringing this project to fruition. Can I ask you to show this to your professional colleagues who are not members of AESS, and encourage them to join ?

With best wishes,

Hugh Griffiths
President, IEEE AES Society

The AESS Board of Governors held their Fall 2012 meeting on September 14-15, 2012 in conjunction with AUTOTESTCON 2012 at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

AESS BoG 2012 - Anaheim, CA

See picture gallery for the meeting here.

The Election of the 2013 Officers for the Board of Governors was held, the results are as follows:

VP Conferences - Iram Weinstein
VP Education - Giuseppe Fabrizio
VP Finance - Mark Davis
VP Industry Relations - Alfonso Farina
VP Membership - Larry Chasteen
VP Publications - Peter Willett
VP Technical Operations - Roger Oliva

Continuing as President - Hugh Griffiths
Continuing as Executive VP - Robert Ewing
Junior Past President - Marina Ruggieri

The AESS Board recognized the following members who term is ending in 2012 and whose service has been very much appreciated.

Frank Reyes, Secretary

Reza Dizaji, VP Industry Relations

Jim Howard, IEEE-USA President

Reece Lumsden, IEEE-USA R &D Technical Policy

Theodora Saunders, VP Technical Operations could not attend due to work schedule.

Dr. Hugh Griffiths speaks to new AESS Chapter in Orange County, CA
Hugh Griffiths gave his presentation “Bistatic and Multistatic Radar Systems” to new AESS Orange County Chapter who have already held four meetings in 2012. Congratulations! Hugh explained how many available Radio Frequency signals from mobile phone basestations, television broadcast, and even extreme low level Global Positioning System (GPS) may reflect off of airplane or other object and be received by spatially separated antenna to track these in 3 dimensional space. Primary advantages of the “transmitter-less” tracking systems is reduced costs and operation in stealth conditions, i.e. no one is aware that they are being tracked.

We were fortunate to have a long time AESS member, Dr. Myron Kayton, author of Avionics Navigation Systems (1997) and Navigation: Land, Sea, Air and Space (1990) attend this presentation.

AESS O.C. Chapter Vice Chair Kai Bor Yu presented a certificate to Hugh Griffiths.

FAA NextGen Presentation made to Coastal Los Angeles, CA IEEE Section on 18 September, 2012

A overview presentation was made by Ron Ogan to provide insights to planned changes for the United States National Air Spaces to achieve safer and more efficient air travel. AESS realizes that the LAX is a major Class B airport that drives the economy in southern California and is the home for major aerospace companies including Boeing, Lockheed Corp, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon to name only a few.
The current radar control based Air Traffic control system will be transformed over the period 2013-2020 to a modern Global Positioning satellite and performance-based system. Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) increases situational awareness and provides real-time weather and traffic data for pilots to increase safety. Estimates are that by 2018, NextGen will reduce total flight delays by about 21%, providing $22 billion in cumulative benefits to the traveling public, aircraft operators and the FAA. A low cost receiver is needed for general aviation access to ADS-B weather and traffic data.

Finally, I want to recognize an outstanding AESS support person, Judy Scharmann, AESS Executive Assistant who works for Conference Catalysts. Judy efficiently provides agendas, makes hotel arrangements, tracks action items, updates the website, continually communicates with AESS Board and members.

Judy is shown here with Hugh Griffiths at an Autotestcon Luncheon that was held in Anaheim, CA.

---Ron Ogan

IEEE AESS Society Expense Reporting Process

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IEEE Expense Reporting Form

Conference Information

Please go to the AESS Website to see a list of upcoming conferences.

The ESTEL Conference 2012 has concluded with success, paving the way for the 2013 edition! Please see the final report here.

On Thursday, October 4, 2012 during the ESTEL Conference, the Galileo Special Panel took place. Please see the report here.

Technical Operations

Avionics Systems Technical Panel Forming

AESS is sponsoring the formation of a new Avionics Systems Technical Panel. The focus will be on research, development, design, application, and test of avionics (navigation, display, surveillance, communications) for manned and unmanned systems. This will include ATM and Next Gen implementation. The committee will also address standards development; education, awards and conference management. 

Additionally, the committee will provide oversight and volunteers for the Digital Avionics Systems Conference and the Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance Conference.  Both conferences address core areas of interest of this technical panel and AESS.

If you’re involved in the avionics industry please consider volunteering for this committee. Contact Paul Kostek, [email protected] for more information or to volunteer.


Call for Papers - IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
Special Issue on Wide-Area and Staring Synthetic Aperture Radar
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Systems Magazine Archives

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Upcoming in Systems Magaizine. . .

"Passive Bistatic Radar Experiments from an Airborne Platform" -
James Brown, Karl Woodbridge, Hugh Griffiths

"Potentialities and Challenges of WiFi-Based Passive Radar" -
Paolo Falcone, Fabiola Colone & Pierfrancesco Lombardo

"Elevation Angle Estimation for Low-Altitude Targets" -
Dominique Poullin, Marc Flecheux, Mathieu Klein

"Passive 3D Tracking of Low Altitude Targets Using DVB (SFN) Broadcasters" -
Dominique Poullin, Marc Flecheux

"Performance of a Multiband Passive Bistatic Radar Processing Scheme - Part II" -
Karl Erik Olsen, Karl Woodbridge

Upcoming Transactions Posted on the AESS Website

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Open Access Policy

In accordance with IEEE policies regarding open access (OA) content, the AES Transactions has become a “hybrid” journal for submissions dated November 1st 2012 or later. This means that authors have the choice between the traditional publication model and an OA model. The former is the familiar procedure in which an accepted article is available on IEEEXplore to subscribers of that service. Under the OA model the author of an accepted manuscript chooses to pay a fee, such that the manuscript is posted on IEEEXplore and available, free, to all. The current OA fee is $1750 per article, and this figure is independent of manuscript type (regular, correspondence or letter).