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2024 21st European Radar Conference

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Paris, France
Paris France

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The 20th European Radar Conference (EuRAD 2023) will be held from the 20th to 22nd September 2023 in Berlin, Germany, in the framework of the European Microwave Week 2023. This Radar Conference is the major European event for the present status and the future trends in the field of radar research, technology, system design, and applications. The EuRAD conference will bring together a global network of researchers, practitioners, and institutes working on topics related to the following four areas of focus.

The Radar Sub-systems and Phenomenology topic comprises radar electromagnetic phenomenology (including radar cross section) modelling and characterisation, antenna design (simulation and measurements) including innovations and methods in antenna characterisation, active or passive phased arrays and transceiver technologies as well as reconfigurable front-ends and sub-systems.

The Radar Signal and Data Processing topic aims to attract innovative research contributions on digital beamforming and other multi-antenna processing techniques (including MIMO, multi-static, and networked), interferometry, polarimetry, tomography, waveform diversity, detection, tracking, and target localisation, high-resolution radar signal processing techniques, classification, robust multidimensional signal processing techniques, and compressive sensing. Submissions are also expected in the use of machine learning, deep learning, and adaptive techniques for radar.

The Radar Architecture and Systems topic incorporates the latest development of sensors from the classical designs such as CW, over-the-horizon, passive, noise, and polarimetric radar, up to the most complex and sophisticated architectures, incorporated in, for example, remotely piloted aircraft, multisensory and multifunctional systems, UWB systems and millimetre-wave and THz radars. New tools for radar simulation and system performance modelling, model-based design, as well as new trends in cognitive, bio-inspired and software defined radars are encompassed.

The Radar Applications topic encompasses various domains such as automotive radars, radars for UAVs, defence and security, ground/space radar, remote sensing, subsurface and ground penetrating radar, surveillance, traffic control, as well as other radar uses, related to medical, industrial, and system diagnostic applications. Novel applications benefiting from multi-static radar systems, passive radar, short range and nearfield radars, bio-medical imaging, millimetre-wave and THz technology or any other new emerging radar application are also included. A transversal focus is also expected on the re-emerging areas of electronic surveillance and countermeasures for radar applications also in relation to the growth of the internet-of-things.