AESS Expense Guidelines


Please contact the AESS Treasurer if you have any questions regarding AESS Expense Reimbursements.

Please refer to the IEEE Travel and Expense Guidelines for information on reimbursement.

Please submit your expenses through the IEEE Concur System within 60 days after the date of travel.  IEEE accepts electronic copies of receipts.  Please note, any expense (airfare or other) that is higher than permitted, or is higher than reasonable/customary, and has not been previously approved according to the current IEEE requirements, is reviewed by the MGA Board Chair and Treasurer.  Should you have any Concur related questions please contact (Click to show email)

Reporting Procedures for AESS BoG Members

Reporting for Chapter Chairs at AESS Chapter Summits

Expenses incurred to attend the AESS Chapter Summits must be submitted via Concur. 

Expenses and Travel Reimbursement

  • Round-trip economy airfare will be reimbursed not to exceed $500 USD. Provide the airfare receipt when you submit it through Concur. If your airfare exceeds the $500 USD limit, please write upon your receipt "Requested reimbursement of $500 USD" (or use 506.82 Euro or 443.02 pounds sterling, whatever currency your airfare is in) and claim that amount in Concur.
  • Hotel for two nights (the night before the meeting and the night of the meeting).
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport.
  • Meal reimbursements during travel are not to exceed $200 USD in total. (176.8 pounds sterling, 202.73 Euro) Receipts must be provided.
  • Cost Accounts to charge your travel in Concur
    • Technical Activities – Societies
    • Level 2 is Aerospace & Electronics Systems Society
    • Level 3 Society Representatives (AES authorized reps to Councils or conference boards) 
    • Level 4 00000

IEEE Travel Program Resources
Concur Resources
IEEE Travel Guidelines
Additional Information (supplemented by AESS Treasurer)