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PHD Filters of Higher Order in Target Number

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The multitarget recursive Bayes nonlinear filter is the theoretically optimal approach to multisensor-multitarget detection, tracking, and identification. For applications in which this filter is appropriate, it is likely to be tractable for only a small number of targets. In earlier papers we derived closed-form equations for an approximation of this filter based on propagation of a first-order multitarget moment called the probability hypothesis density (PHD). In a recent paper, Erdinc, Willett, and Bar-Shalom argued for the need for a PHD-type filter which remains first-order in the states of individual targets, but which is higher-order in target number. In this paper we show that this is indeed possible. We derive a closed-form cardinalized PHD (CPHD) filter, which propagates not only the PHD but also the entire probability distribution on target number.