North Jersey Section Chapter Events

Radar Technology

Dr. Seng Hong, from the Spectrum Warfare Division, AFRL/RYW, will present a talk entitled "Radar Technology".

Date: 3 October 2022
Time: 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time

Radar has a broad range of applications. As technologies evolve, so is the global market for radars (Targeting Radars, Weather Sensing Radars, Navigational Radars, Mapping Radars, Detection/Search radars, Air Traffic Control Radars, Instrumentation Radars, Moving Target Indicator Radars, and many others). The global radar market in 2019 was $32.5 B (USD) and it is projected to reach $44.4 B by 2028. Whereas the global military radar market is projected to grow from $14.4 B (USD) in 2021 to $22.1 B by 2028. Military radars are used primarily to address an increasingly complex and rapidly evolving threat landscape. Radar (RAdio Detection And Ranging) is a detection system that uses radio waves to determine the distance, angle, and radial velocity of objects. Radars today are used to detect and track aircraft, spacecraft, and ships at sea as well as insects and birds in the atmosphere; measure the speed of automobiles; map the surface of the earth from space, and measure properties of the atmosphere and oceans. The speaker will discuss the basic components of a typical radar system, including the critical roles of radar.

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