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ENSIT Hosts Dronathan

Drone Innovation Takes Flight at Dronathon in Tunis: A Showcase of Cutting-Edge Technology and Entrepreneurship
2 weeks 4 days ago
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Dronathon, a vibrant event hosted by ENSIT in Tunis on April 20 and 21, was organized by IEEE ENSIT SB and IEEE AESS ENSIT SBC. It showcased workshops, conferences, and challenges centered around drones and their various applications, spanning topics like 3D design, AI programming, and entrepreneurship. The event offered a thrilling platform for attendees to delve into the extensive capabilities of drone technology. Key conference subjects included legislation and administrative procedures for drone usage permits in Tunisia, conditions and techniques for ensuring drone airworthiness, AI tools for drone control and stability, practical uses such as waste detection and classification along the Tunisian coasts, and the economic implications of drone ecosystems in real-world scenarios. Additionally, a workshop was conducted in collaboration with INJAZ Tunisia that focused on entrepreneurial ecosystems related to robotics, AI, and drones. Two 24-hour challenges were also featured: one on 3D drone design using SolidWorks, and the other on AI-CNN tools for classification, detection, and segmentation of regions of interest. Abir Tabakri, AESS undergraduate student representative, participated with a booth and a round table, offering participants a chance to interact with her and learn about the benefits of AESS membership.

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