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New Journal! IEEE Transactions on Radar Systems

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1 year 8 months ago
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IEEE Transactions on Radar Systems focuses on advances in the study and development of radar systems for a wide range of applications. Articles on theoretical, application-oriented, and experimental studies with an emphasis on novelty in radar systems are considered. Within the particular context of radar, applications include detection, imaging, and tracking; weather monitoring; automotive; medical/biological; remote sensing; multifunction operation; advanced radar architectures and subsystems; spectrum sharing; passive sensing; bistatic/multistatic; signal processing; waveform diversity and MIMO; mm-wave/THz sensing; ultrawideband; over-the-horizon operation; automated/cognitive sensing; bio-inspired sensing; nonlinear modeling and effects; resource management; signatures, characterization, and identification; electronic warfare; machine learning and more.


The first special section call for papers "Fully Digital Arrays for Radar: From Archicetures to Algorithms" is posted.

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