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Design of Wideband Beamformers with Frequency Invariant Responses


Wei Liu

Queen Mary University of London

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For joint sensing and communication based on antenna array systems, beamforming has been an essential element in its design. However, with significantly increased data rate and associated bandwidth usage for next-generation communication systems, we are moving away from the widely adopted narrowband beamforming approach and towards the wideband domain, especially for future THz and Sub-THz systems. For wideband beamforming, a different implementation is needed, as beam steering cannot be achieved by phase shifts any more, and general time delays are needed. Another problem with wideband beamforming is the increase of effective aperture with the increase of frequency, making the design of constant-beamwidth or frequency invariant beamformers a challenge. In this talk, methods for effective design of various frequency invariant beamformers will be introduced in detail.