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Electromagnetics and Meter Wave Radar Scattering Theory

Halmstad University, Member of Royal Academy of War Sciences KKrVA

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i. Introduction and overview
ii. Basic laws of electromagnetism for meter wave SAR
iii. Signal propagation in homogeneous media
iv. Media discontinuities – media divided by a flat boundary
v. Media discontinuities – undulating ground scattering
vi. Concept of radar reflectivity
vii. Sphere and cylinder models of vegetation and buried targets

Keeping to a scientific approach the starting point is the physics of scattering from natural terrain as well as artificial, i.e. man-made objects, at (about) meter wavelengths. Some notational simplification is achieved by already from the start adapt the theoretical development to the current topic. Derivations and resulting formulas thereby appear slightly simpler than found elsewhere. Fresnel’s equations for lossy media, Mie scattering from spheres and cylinders and the small scale perturbation model for scattering from rough surfaces are developed with the specific meter wave SAR application in mind. Results are then employed to create generic models for scattering from buried objects, and scattering and attenuation caused by vegetation.