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Navigation Sensors & Systems in GNSS Degraded & Denied Environments


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Position, velocity, and timing (PVT) signals from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are used throughout the world. However, the availability, reliability, and integrity of these signals in all environments have become a cause for concern for both civilian and military applications. International news reports about a successful GPS spoofing attack on ships navigating the Black Sea have caused concerns. Reports about a successful GPS spoofing attack on a civilian UAV in the USA increased questions over the planned use of UAVs in the national airspace and the safety of flight in general. Jamming of GPS by the North Koreans has interfered with ship and aircraft navigation for several years. Recently, the Russians have apparently equipped cell towers with GPS jamming devices as a defense against attack. These incidents have led the navigation community to search for reliable solutions in the face of spoofing and jamming. Based on his own experiences with navigation systems since Sputnik and Apollo, the presenter will give a historical and personal perspective on what is required for civilian and military navigation applications now and in the future.