Multispectral Image Fusion & Night Vision Colorization


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This course presents methods and applications of multispectral image fusion and night vision colorization organized into three areas: (1) image fusion methods, (2) evaluation, and (3) applications. Two primary multiscale fusion approaches, image pyramid and wavelet transform, will be emphasized. Image fusion comparisons include data, metrics, and analytics.
Fusion applications presented include off-focal images, medical images, night vision, and face recognition. Examples will be discussed of night-vision images rendered using channel-based color fusion, lookup-table color mapping, and segment-based method colorization. These colorized images resemble natural color scenes and thus can improve the observer’s performance. After taking this course you will know how to combine multiband images and how to render the result with colors in order to enhance computer vision and human vision especially in low-light conditions.
Y. Zheng. E. Blasch, Z. Liu, Multispectral Image Fusion and Colorization, SPIE Press, 2018.