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Each quarter in its newsletter, AESS features one "Story Behind the Success". Click on the stories below to learn more.

2022 IEEE AESS Robert T. Hill Best Dissertation Award

The Robert Hill Award to recognizes candidates that have recently received a Ph.D. degree and have written an outstanding Ph.D. dissertation in the Field of Interest of the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society.

Hear from this year's recipient, Leonardo M. Millefiori, and learn about his journey from high school to landing a position at CMRE in La Spezia.

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Student Paper Winners at 2022 Radar

As the winners of the Student Paper Competition at the 2022 IEEE Radar Conference, we are honored to share this success story with the AESS community. Jonathan Owen, Christian C. Jones, and Daniel Whited share their stories here.

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DASC Student Research Competition

Students participated in the 2022 Digital Avionics Systems Conference Student Research Competition in Portsmouth, VA, USA from 18-22 September. Finalists presented in a second round, student interactive session. Winners received a certificate and cash prize.

2022 Winners: Ramchander Bhaskara, Yibing Xie, and Alex Henderson.

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Early Career Award Winner Domenico Ciuonzo

Behind each “success story”, there is a mix of hard work, dedication, and no shortcuts. This makes no exception in my case, as I am here to tell a little bit about my academic path and how I ended up receiving the AESS early career award for “contributions to decentralized inference and sensor fusion in networked sensor systems” (or, to put it simply, “how I have applied known stuff from statistical signal processing to a very cool field”).

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2022 Fred Nathanson Memorial Radar Award
Augusto Aubry received the 2022 Fred Nathanson Memorial Radar Award for outstanding contributions to the application of modern optimization theory to radar waveform design and adaptive signal processing.

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Robert T. Hill Award for Best Dissertation: Joe Khalife

It is funny how things unfold in life. Right after I finished my master’s at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in my home country of Lebanon, my advisor at the time, Prof. Samer Saab, casually asked me what I thought about pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the U.S. The thought had already crossed my mind, especially that it was almost necessary to have a Ph.D. from a western institution to make a decent living in Lebanon. After collecting myself from the excitement, I casually answered back: “Sure, why not?” That’s when he told me that a former student of his, Prof. Zak Kassas, had just started as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) and was looking for solid students to apply for a Ph.D. position.

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2023 Fred Nathanson Memorial Radar Award

The Fred Nathanson Memorial Radar Award is in honor of the late Fred Nathanson and is sponsored by the AESS Radar Systems Panel. The purpose of this award is to grant international recognition for outstanding contributions to the radar art.

Hear from this year's recipient, Justin Metcalf, and learn more about his journey that started at Kansas State University.

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