ISAC 2024

2024 IEEE ComSoc-AESS-SPS Joint Workshop on Integrated Sensing and Communication

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London, England
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The 1st Workshop of the IEEE Emerging Technology Initiative on ISAC will be held on the 17 of May 2024 at University College London. The one-day workshop consists of 7 invited talks and 1 panel discussion.

Description: Next-generation wireless networks (5G-A and 6G) have been envisioned as key enablers for many emerging applications. These applications demand high-quality wireless connectivity and highly accurate and robust sensing capability. Among many visionary assumptions about 5G-A/6G networks, a common theme is that sensing will play a more significant role than ever before. Therefore, the future cellular network could image and measure the surrounding environment to enable advanced location-aware services. This type of research is typically called Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC), which finds applications in numerous emerging areas, including vehicular networks, environmental monitoring, and human activity recognition. Recently, ISAC has garnered recognition from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as a pivotal element within the 6G landscape, serving as one of six key 6G usage scenarios.

Please register in advance for this workshop if you want to join online.


Workshop Organizers:

  • General Chair: Prof. Christos Masouros
  • Publicity Officer: Prof. Fan Liu
  • Local Management Officer: Dr. Kaitao Meng


Sponsored by:

IEEE ComSoc, IEEE Signal Processing Society, and IEEE AESS.