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Adaptive imaging for forward-looking ground penetrating radar

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Most of the current forward-looking ground-penetrating radar (FLGPR) systems use conventional delay-and-sum (DAS) based methods to form radar images for detection of the target (such as a landmine). However, DAS is a data-independent approach which is known to suffer from low resolution and poor interference and clutter rejection capability. We present a data-adaptive imaging approach for FLGPR image formation based on APES (amplitude and phase estimation) and rank-deficient RCB (robust Capon beamforming). Due to the data-adaptive nature of both APES and RCB, our approach has better resolution and much better interference and clutter rejection capability than the standard DAS-based imaging methods. The excellent performance of the proposed method is demonstrated using experimental data collected via two FLGPR systems recently developed by PSI (Planning Systems, Inc.) and SRI (Stanford Research Institute).