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IEEE North Jersey Chapter AESS Invited Speakers Series
6 months 2 weeks ago
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Episodic Processing for Radar Image “Characterization

Air-to-ground radar imaging via synthetic aperture radar provides an all-weather, day-night capability to deliver fine-resolution imagery at long range. Due to the unique phenomenology of RF scattering, interpretation of SAR imagery can be nuanced even for trained analysts. As radar systems have begun to explore wide-angle or even staring synthetic aperture radar, where the system dwells on a scene for a much longer period of time, the resultant data has new elements of spatial diversity that can be exploited to improve SAR image interpretability. We explore several techniques for characterizing and visualizing SAR image content based on wide-angle data. We present results with simulated and measured data sets.

Speaker: Dr. Brian Rigling
Date: 24 Oct 2023
Time: 06:45 PM to 08:30 PM (ET)

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