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2024 Rising Stars Conference

Recap from this year's Rising Stars Conference
1 week 6 days ago
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2024 Rising Stars Conference
AESS Undergrad Student Rep Abir Tabarki and YP Rep Philipp Markiton at 2024 Rising Stars Conference


The year 2024 started with a major highlight for students and young professionals as they attended the Rising Stars Conference, held from January 5-7 in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Organized by the team of Scott Tamashiro, Elizabeth Farkas, Peijung Tsai, Michael Andrews, and Darren Newell and more, the event saw more than 30 speakers and more than 500 attendees. Among the participants were Abir Tabarki, AESS Undergraduate Student Representative, and Philipp Markiton, AESS YP Representative, both serving as representatives of AESS, a sponsor of the event.

The conference gathered Technical Professionals who are experts in emerging technologies such as: Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Space & Manufacturing, Power & Sustainability, Cybersecurity, IoT and more. 

Inspiring keynote speeches and technical presentations that added depth and insight to their conference experience were held. Notable among them were captivating talks by such as "Lending Space a Robotic Hand: Enabling the Future Space Economy" by Al Tadros from Redwire Space, “Applications of CXL Architecture” delivered by Tom Coughlin, “Applications of CXL Architecture” by Rusty Thomas from Sierra Space, as well as a virtual discussion about Interstellar Internet with Vint Cerf.

Throughout the conference, participants were presented with enriching workshops designed to enhance their skillsets and empower their professional journeys. Notable sessions included "Resume Development, Your Job Search, and Becoming a Leader of Your Life," a transformative exploration led by Hasala Dharmawadena, Chair of the YP committee. Additionally, engaging workshops such as "Digital Twin Design, Development, and Application" and "Navigating the Path to Professional Excellence: A Journey in Leadership and Career Development" provided attendees with valuable insights and practical knowledge for their career.

During the "Team Success" session led by Chad Kidder, attendees had the chance to explore challenges of creating and leading effective teams. Chad shared practical strategies that connected with participants, giving them the tools and insights necessary to promote teamwork and attain success.

As ambassadors of AESS, Abir and Philipp engaged in conversations with the other attendees, embodying the spirit of AESS's commitment to fostering connections and collaboration within the academic and professional community. AESS further enhanced its presence through a dedicated booth in the exhibition hall, providing a platform for students and young professionals to inform themselves about the organization's mission, as well as the opportunities and resources it offers to individuals in these early stages of their careers.

In a dynamic panel discussion, attendees had the chance of hearing from young professionals, gaining valuable insights on optimizing their IEEE membership. The panelists underscored the significance of cultivating an open-minded approach to tackle new challenges, actively engaging in the IEEE community, and utilizing the resources and opportunities. To enhance networking for students, a Dinner & Speed Networking event was organized, where participants rotated tables regularly, maximizing their chances for meaningful connections.

The IEEE Rising Stars Conference 2024 proved to be a resounding success, fostering connections among young professionals through engaging workshops and social events. Attendees had the unique opportunity to learn from experienced IEEE members and industry experts. Abir, Philipp, and AESS thank the organizing team for their dedicated efforts and countless hours invested in organizing this exceptional event. Special appreciation goes to Chad Kidder for capturing the group photo, making it possible to include over 500 attendees in the frame. Comparing this year's picture to the one from the 2023 event, the remarkable growth in the number of participants is readily apparent.

Written by AESS Young Professionals Representative Philipp Markiton