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Conceptualization and Simulation of a 3U Nanosatellite

Business on Engineering and Technology S.A.C. (BE Tech)

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This lecture presents a comprehensive approach to the conceptualization, design, and simulation of a 3U CubeSat utilizing the OpenCosmos OpenApp tool. CubeSats have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their cost-effectiveness and versatility in space missions. The OpenApp tool provides an efficient simulation and development environment for the design of CubeSats. This paper outlines the mission objective and identifies the technical and scientific requirements. Subsequently, the CubeSat is designed, taking into account various subsystems such as power, communications, attitude control, and payload. The OpenApp tool facilitates simulations of the mission, including orbital considerations. The simulation results are thoroughly analyzed, and design adjustments are implemented as necessary. Key aspects including energy consumption, data transmission capacity, and payload capacity are carefully considered to ensure compliance with the initial project requirements. In conclusion, the utilization of the OpenApp tool for the conceptualization, design, and simulation of a 3U CubeSat demonstrates an efficient and effective strategy. This tool enables the evaluation of CubeSat performance in diverse scenarios and allows for design optimization prior to implementation. This lecture provides a step-by-step guide to the CubeSat design process utilizing the OpenApp tool, serving as a valuable resource for future space projects.