Radar Systems Prototyping


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Whether you are a student seeking real data to prove your Ph.D. thesis, or a researcher planning for experimentation in your grant proposal, or a system engineer in need of a radar prototype to demonstrate your innovative idea to a customer, you will be faced with prototyping a radar system with limited time and budget. There exist many books and tutorials on radar signal processing, but little is found on how to build your radar prototype that can support and run these algorithms. This tutorial will provide you with practical skills and techniques needed to build your advanced radar prototype. The focus is not on how devices/algorithms work, but on how to relate the choice of microwave devices and signal processing algorithms to the desired radar specifications. You will learn how to interpret datasheets, how components/algorithms affect each other, and how signal processing dictates RF constraints, and how signal processing can fix your RF limitations. The course will end with a step-by-step MIMO radar design example, starting from the requirements and ending with a schematic and bill of material. All participants will also receive a free consultation to their current radar system design until their project is completed.