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Braham Himed

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BoG (2021-2023); VP Conferences (2022); Warren D. White Award Chair (2019-2020); AESS Magazine Tutorials; Magazine Editorial Board; Radar Systems Panel Past-Chair
Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Braham Himed was born in Algiers, Algeria. He received his Engineer Degree in electrical engineering from Ecole Nationale Polytechnique of Algiers in 1984, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees both in electrical engineering, from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, in 1987 and 1990, respectively. From 1990 to 1991 he was an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Syracuse University, where he taught graduate courses in analog and digital communications, digital signal processing, probability, and random processes. In 1991, he joined Adaptive Technology, Inc., Syracuse, NY, where he was responsible for radar systems analyses and the design of antenna measurement systems. In 1994 he joined Research Associates for Defense Conversion, Marcy, NY, where he was responsible for radar systems analyses and radar signal processing, including techniques for the detection and estimation of targets in severe clutter and jamming environments. From March 1999 to July 2006, he was a senior research engineer with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensors Directorate, Radar Signal Processing Branch, Rome, NY, where he led scientific and management aspects of airborne and space‐borne phased array radar systems. From August 2006 to June 2008, he served as the Chief Research Officer with Signal Labs Inc, in Reston VA, directing R&D for the company. From 2008 ‐ 2018, he served as the Technical Advisor for the RF Technology branch with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH. Since January 2019, he serves as a Division Research Fellow within the RF Technology Branch, Multi‐Spectral Sensing and Detection Division, of the Sensors Directorate. His research interests include detection, estimation, multi‐channel adaptive signal processing, time series analyses, array processing, adaptive processing, waveform design, diversity, and optimization, distributed MIMO radar, passive radar, and over the horizon radar. Dr. Himed serves as the US Air Force representative on several international forums, including TTCP (The Technology Cooperation Program) and NATO SET panels. Currently, he serves as both the US National lead and Panel Chair of the TTCP Intelligence Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) Technical Panel ‐2 on RF Sensing. Dr. Himed has published over 280 peer‐reviewed journals and conference papers. He served as the general technical co‐chair for the 2010 and 2015 IEEE International Radar Conferences. Dr. Himed is the recipient of the 2001 IEEE Region I award for his work on bistatic radar systems, algorithm development, and phenomenology. He joined the IEEE AESS Radar Systems Panel in 2001, served as vice‐chair from 2014‐2016, and panel chair from 2016‐2018. Currently, he serves the panel as past‐chair, and chair of the Warren White award. Dr. Himed is a Fellow of the IEEE (2007). He is also the recipient of the 2012 IEEE Warren White award for excellence in radar engineering, and he is a Fellow of AFRL (2013).

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For Contributions to Advanced STAP, Bistatic, and OTH Radar
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“The field of interest shall be the organization, systems engineering, design, development, integration, and operation of complex systems for space, air, ocean, or ground environments. These systems include but are not limited to navigation, avionics, mobile electric power and electronics, radar, sonar, telemetry, military, law-enforcement, automatic test, simulators, and command and control."


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