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Mr. Leonard received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Akron in 1961; he received an MSEE (Power) from Washington University of St. Louis in 1966; and he received an MSEE (Digital) from the University if Missouri at Rolla in 1976 and a Professional Development degree from the University of Missouri at Rolla in 1984. He received an Honorary Professional Degree (Computer Science) from the University of Missouri at Rolla in 1997. He is currently employed in industry as a Senior Technical Fellow at Boeing BDS in St. Louis , Missouri. He has been at Boeing BDS for 49 years and is currently responsible for the aircraft integration of the U. S Navy air-to-surface Harpoon and Standoff Land Attack Missile into U.S. Navy, U.S Air Force and foreign aircraft. He received the 1984 IEEE Centennial Medal, the 1986 IEEE/USAB Achievement Award, the 1991 IEEE Region 5 Outstanding Member Award, the 1996 IEEE/USAB Award for Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism, the 2000 IEEE Millennium Medal, the 2000 Region 5 Outstanding Member Award, and the 1991 McDonnell-Douglas/U.S. Navy Reliability, Maintainability, and Quality Assurance Award (Salty Dog). He has 28 published papers, a three-volume reference series on “Progress in Simulation” (Ablex Publishing), an IEEE Press Book entitled “Object Oriented Simulation”, and has produced the IEEE video for Region 5 “Your Future After Graduation”. He is a co-inventor on thirteen US Patents, two Australian Patents and one European Patent. Mr. Leonard is a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio and Missouri. In June, 1998, Mr. Leonard was elected a Fellow of the St. Louis Academy of Science. On Feb. 7, 2003, Mr. Leonard was elected to the Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering at MS&T and on April 22, 2010, he was elected as one of four Directors. On February 25, 2005, Mr. Leonard was selected as “Engineer of the Year of 2005” by the St. Louis Chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE). On Nov 19, 2005, Mr. Leonard was inducted into the HKN National Honor Society for Electrical and Computer Engineering. On Sept 20, 2007, Mr. Leonard was elected a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Mr. Leonard was the Chair of BTEC15 (July, 2008). Mr. Leonard is the Boeing/IEEE Focal. He received the MS&T Alumni Achievement Award Oct 24, 2009. Jim & Barbara were inducted into the M$&T Order of the Golden Shillelagh (OGS) in April, 2010. He was elected IEEE Life Fellow on Jan 1, 2010. Jim received the IEEE St. Louis Section 2010 Outstanding Member award on 4 Dec 2010. On Sept 15 , 2011, Jim received the IEEE/AESS Pioneer Award. IEEE Activities--(S’60-M’62-SM’81-LF-2010) OFFICES: Board of Directors, 1992-93and 2003; IEEE Executive Committee 2003, President IEEE-USA 2003, Region 5 Director, 1992-93; USAB Director, 1992-93 COMMITTEES/: Vice-Chairman USAB 1993-94; USAB OPCOM 1992-1994; IEEE-USA OPCOM 00-04 BOARDS Pension/EEBC/CPC Committee, 1991-02; USAB Student Professional Awareness Committee Chairman, 1989-90, Ad Hoc Member Professional Awareness Committee Chairman, 1996-99; Membership Development Committee, 1993-94; RAB Section/Chapter Support Committee, 1992-93; IEEE Executive Quality Committee, 1992-93; USAB Opinion Survey Committee, 1993-94; RAB Awards and Recognition Committee, 1992-93; USAB National Government Activities Committee, 1992; Member/Customer Services Advisory ad hoc Committee, 1994; Chairman USAB Government Procurement and Regulations Committee, 1986-88. IEEE-USA Liaison to MDC 1998 and 2001; IEEE-USA Member-at Large 2000-2001; Chair IEEE 2005 Ad Hoc IR Cte; Member TAB 2006-7. REGION: Region 5 Director, 1992-93; Region 5 Bylaws and N&A Committee, 1994; Region 5 PACE Chairman, 1988; Region 5 East Area Chairman, 1985-87; Region 5 Educational Activities Chairman, 1997, Region 5 Conference Committee Chair 1998-04. Region 5 History Chairman 2004-07, Region 5 Industry Relations Chair 2008-11 SECTION: St. Louis Section Chairman, 1980-81; Section PACE Chairman, 1988-93; Section Membership Development Chairman, 1994-96, 98-02; Section Student Activities Chairman, 1981-85; Section Technology Policy Chairman. 1997-05 SOCIETIES: Organized the St. Louis Chapter of AESS in 1994; Chairman 1994-99, 2005, 2011 (St. Louis Chapter U.S. National Chapter of the Year 95-96, 00-01); AESS Board of Governors 1997-02, 04-09. Helped organize the UMR IEEE/AESS Student Chapter 1998; AESS VP Members. 2000-3, Exec VP 2004-5, AESS President 2006-7, AESS Past President 2008-11, AESS History Chair 2011. CONFERENCES: Co-Founder - St. Louis Section “MOCON Workshop” in 1988. Pub. Chair 18th DASC (99); Co-Chair St. Louis 2000 Region 5 Conf. AUTOTESTCON Board of Directors 2009-12 REPRESENTATIVE: United States Department of Defense Microcircuit Obsolescence Committee, 1988-90 MILESTONES Nominated the following IEEE Historical Milestones approved by the IEEE BoD: OPANA RADAR SITE: 2000 TAUM SAUK PUMPED STORAGE HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT: 2005 MERCURY-ATLAS FLIGHT OF COL JOHN GLENN: 2011

IEEE AESS Position History:
  • 2013-2015   Board of Governor Member-at-Large (BoG)
  • 2008-2009   Past President (Officers)
  • 2006-2007   President (Officers)
  • 2000-2004   Vice President Member Services (Officers)
  • 2000-2004   Vice President Member Services (Member Services Committee)
  • Life Span

    Leonard, James V. "Jim", of Saint Charles, MO, died on Monday, May 11, 2015, at the age of 79. Loving husband of Barbara Johnston; beloved son of the late Howard and Fannie Leonard; devoted father of Geoffrey (Sharon) Leonard and the late Lauren Marie Barrett; cherished grandfather of Keith Barrett, Robert Barrett, and Melanie Zimmermann; dear brother of Carolyn (Charles) Oldham; also survived by many nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives, and friends.

    Jim worked as a Sr. Technical Fellow/Electrical Engineer at McDonnell Douglas/Boeing for 51 years. He was a participating member of IEEE for 50 years and was USA IEEE President in 2003. He was in the Air Force Reserve. He attended Akron University, Washington University, and University of Science and Technology at Rolla. He was a member of the Golden Shillelagh Scholarship. He also was a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society of England.

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