Introduction to Systems Engineering


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Duration: The course can be delivered in 1 day, or 2 days The 2-day course will include some practical exercises

Systems Engineering has emerged as being one of the most important and sought-after disciplines in the engineering world today as our systems under development become ever more complex. And engineering here means not only electrical & electronics engineering, but also mechanical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing engineering, chemical engineering and similar. It applies to commercial systems as well as military and defense systems. Systems Engineering also applies to other than engineering, as other systems are in need of this discipline, such as banking and finance systems, IT systems, health-care systems, insurance management systems, even “help-desk” systems.

This course covers the essentials of systems engineering, starting with the basic requirements development and management, requirements validation, concept exploration & development, engineering development, risk management, testing, production planning, manufacturing implementation, operations, logistics planning (storage & shipping, upgrades, maintenance & repair, disposal) and interactions with program management.