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Autonomous Model Analytics for Avionic Systems

IEEE (SMIEEE), FHEA (Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK)

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While multidisciplinary projects of complex engineering systems are rapidly growing the market has had a slack response to provide comprehensive development frameworks and relevant support tools to minimize team downtime and potential problems on design decisions. These drawbacks are mainly due to inefficient and ineffective collaboration among stakeholders from multiple disciplines as they usually use representation models and modelling languages of diverse nature. This undermines the model-based design consistency by making it difficult to integrate the different views of the same system in real time and realize cross-disciplinary impact on models. This presentation shares experience on the use of OSCL to propose a cognitive design framework for the above issue. The proposed approach increases design autonomy in the system development lifecycle by smartly feeding design outputs (from requirements analysis as well as modelling and simulation) from each stakeholder with design inputs from other stakeholders. A case study based on avionics system is presented as application example.