Radar Challenge 2021

Hosted by 2021 IEEE Radar Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA
10-14 May 2021

The Radar Challenge

The Radar Challenge is a series of events co-hosted with radar conferences that enable participants to experience the magic of radar in a personal, tangible and experiential way. The events envigorate participants to experiment with their self-engineered “home-brew” radar. The goal is to build a community of radar builders that collectively explore the art of the possible in building radars.

The Virtual Challenge 2021

Participants are invited to prepare a tutorial video related to their experience in building radar. The scope of the tutorial video can be anything related to building and experimenting with radars. For example, possible topics could be related to designing, building, experimenting with radar, data processing for radar, or examples of experiments with low-cost home-brew radar builds. The videos will be made available to conference participants during the conference and the winning videos will be awarded prizes.

Watch the Radar Challenge Videos

Judging Criteria

The videos will be judged by a panel and a vote by conference participants. The judging committee will assess the extent to which the video fulfills the following criteria:

  • Novelty – New combinations of applications and hardware are demonstrated
  • Impact – The video content has broad relevance
  • Practicality – The technology involved can be implemented in new and future hardware with reasonable SWaP.

Submission Guidelines

Participants are encouraged to form teams, however, at least the team leader has to be fully registered for the conference. The tutorial video should have a maximum duration of 10 minutes and should be in mp4 format. Teams may submit additional documentation that can assist the panel in judging the videos with respect to the judging criteria. For example, the additional documentation may include a bill of materials for any hardware shown. The additional documentation is limited to three A4 sides. Instructions on the submission process will be made available on the website.


The following deadlines apply to the challenge:

  • 31 March 2021: Submission of videos and supporting documentation
  • 10 – 12 May 2021: Public vote
  • 12 May 2021: Prize Presentation


The challenge is organized by the 2021 IEEE Radar Conference and the IEEE AESS Radar Systems Panel.

In the case of questions, feel free to contact: 
Alex Charlish and Jim Skala