The Radar Systems Panel meets at least annually, usually at the IEEE Radar Conference. An additional meeting may be held at an International Radar Conference, subject to the meeting being called by the Panel Chair, respondent to the anticipated attendance of a representative number of RSP members. Further discussions are held by email as led by the Panel Chair or Committee Chair with decisions and votes taken by email proxy, as appropriate. The Panel Chair or their designee provides minutes of meetings, attendees’ list, and a current membership list after the meeting.

The panel includes five or more standing Committees. Current Committees are:

  • Radar Conference Committee: responsible for selecting the venue for the IEEE Radar Conference, consistent with the IEEE guidelines on Conferences.
  • Awards Committee: responsible for selecting nominations for the IEEE and AESS Awards, and conducting a selection based on RSP established standards and procedures. 
  • Standards Committee: responsible for maintaining, periodic revision and communication of the IEEE Standard 686 ‘Standard Radar Definitions’ and IEEE Standard 521 ‘IEEE Standard Letter Designations for Radar Frequency Bands, and provides inputs for other IEEE Standards as requested. Education Committee: responsible for advancing the education, publications, and IEEE member levels of students or new members of the Radar community.
  • Nomination and Appointments Committee: responsible for the process of nomination of Panel Chair and Vice-Chair, IEEE Senior Members and Fellows, and maintaining the process for selection of Radar System Panel members with the concurrence of the current RSP Chair.
  • Spectral Innovation Committee: responsible for fostering the development of advancing technologies to enable more reliable radar operation in a congested spectrum, and within the Policies and Standards of World Wide Spectrum Allocations organizations.
  • Civilian Radar Committee: responsible for fostering the development of radar technologies and applications in the civilian, commercial, and earth resources, monitoring communities through education, and conference initiatives. 
  • Education Committee: responsible for advancing the education, publications, and IEEE member levels of students or new members of the radar community.
  • Publications Committee: responsible for growing the number of publications in the radar field in the AES Transactions.

Each Committee Chair has the responsibility of documenting the processes used for selection of members, and conducting the Committee responsibilities. Each Committee elects its own chair from members, with the concurrence of the Panel Chair.

The Panel elects a Chair and Vice-chair, both of whose term of office is limited to two years. An election will be held in the calendar quarter prior to the end of the term of office to elect both a new Chair and the Vice Chair. The Vice Chair can stand for election of Chair, but the current Chair cannot stand for re-election. Voting and rules-of-order are established in the By-Laws of the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society. The Vice-Chair will stand in and lead Panel meetings when the Chair is absent.

Membership in the Panel is open to active IEEE and AESS members from the Radar community, who have demonstrated leadership and the desire to advance Radar technology and system capabilities. Membership falls into one of two categories: (i) active, (ii) emeritus. To remain active, a member must have attended at least 2 of the past 4 meetings. Missing 3 consecutive meetings means being dropped from the list of Active Members, in the absence of extenuating circumstances.

Only Active Members of the Panel can vote on RSP motions and business decisions.

Committees are not considered to be permanent, and will be continued at the recommendation of the RSP Chair, the Vice-chair and the Nominations and Appointments Committee. Initiation and/or conclusion of a Committee activity will be authorized only by a vote of the RSP membership.