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Spectrum Sharing Between a Surveillance Radar and Secondary Wi-Fi Networks

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Co-existence between unlicensed networks that share a spectrum spatio-temporally with terrestrial (e.g., Air Traffic Control) and shipborne radars 1 in 3 GHz band is attracting significant interest. Similar to every primary-secondary coexistence scenario, interference from unlicensed devices to a primary receiver must be within acceptable bounds. In this work, we formulate the spectrum sharing problem between a pulsed, search radar (primary) and 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) as the secondary.We compute the protection region for such a search radar for a single secondary user (initially) as well as a random spatial distribution of multiple secondary users. Furthermore, we also analyze the interference to the Wi-Fi devices from the radar's transmissions to estimate the impact on achievable WLAN throughput as a function of distance to the primary radar.