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2024 AESS Award Recipients

Congratulations to all award recipients!
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Congratulations to all AESS and RadarConf'24 Award Recipients on these remarkable achievements. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and contributions to the AESS and Radar communities!

RadarConf'24 Award Ceremony Photos


2024 IEEE Dennis J. Picard Medal

Frederick E. Daum - For research, design, development, analysis, and testing of complex phased array radar systems, making them work in the real world.

2024 Fellows

As it stands today, the IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred by the Board of Directors upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. Congratulations to the AESS members who were elevated to IEEE Fellow in 2024!

Nathan Goodman - for contributions to cognitive and distributed radar signal processing
Neil Gordon - for contributions to sequential Monte Carlo methods and applications
Zaher (Zak) Kassas - for contributions to navigation with signals of opportunity
Luke Rosenberg - for contributions to maritime radars

2023 IEEE AESS Pioneer Award

Joachim Ender - for seminal pioneering contributions to multichannel Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

2024 IEEE AESS Judith A. Resnik Space Award

Puneet Singla - For extensive contributions to the field of accurate uncertainty propagation for space situational awareness.

2024 Warren D. White Award

Antonio De Maio - for contributions to radar signal processing techniques for target detection, waveform design and electronic protection

2024 Fred Nathanson Memorial Radar Award

Francesco Fioranelli - for contributions to radar-based target classification

2024 Industrial Innovation Award

Igal Bilik - For innovations in automotive imaging and electronically steerable radars implemented in autonomous vehicles and used for active safety capabilities.

2023 Early Career Award

Omar Garcia Crespillo - For his contributions and leadership in the research field of GNSS and multisensor navigation systems integrity and to the aerospace community.

2023 Robert T. Hill Best Dissertation Award

David Luong - In recognition of the Ph.D. dissertation “Quantum Radar Signal Processing"

2024 IEEE Michael C. Wicks Radar Student Travel Grant

  • Saraansh Agarwal for the paper entitled "Design of Convolutional Neural Networks for Classification of Ships from ISAR Images"
  • Ilaria Nasso for the paper entitled "Target Shape Reconstruction from multi-Perspective Shadows in drone-Borne SAR Systems"
  • Andrea Quirini for the paper entitled "Enabling DPCA via Supervised Reciprocal Filter in CW-OFDM Radar Onboard Moving Platforms"
  • Peizhuo Yang for the paper entitled "A Conformal L-Band Array with Multi-Polarization Digital Beamforming and Sidelobe Suppression"

2022 Harry Rowe Mimno Award
I Am Not Afraid of the GPS Jammer: Resilient Navigation Via Signals of Opportunity in GPS-Denied Environments
Zaher (Zak) M. Kassas, Joe Khalife, Ali A. Abdallah, and Chiawei Lee

2020 M. Barry Carlton Award
Satellite Pose Estimation Challenge: Dataset, Competition Design, and Results
Mate Kisantal, Sumant Sharma, Tae Ha Park, Dario Izzo, Marcus Märtens, Simone D’Amico

2023 IEEE AESS Technical Panel of the Year Award

Gyro and Accelerometer Panelchaired by Jason Bingham

2023 AESS Chapter of the Year Award

Bangalore Section Chapter, chaired by Puneet Kumar Mishra

2024 IEEE AESS Engineering Scholarship

Kayoum Djedidi, Higher Institute of Informatics and Mathematics of Monastir, Tunisia

Oluleti Victor, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
Opeyemi Sodiq Owolabi,Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

RadarConf'24 Awards

Student Paper Award

This year, the student paper competition is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Graeme Smith whose dedication to education and radar science was unparalleled. 


  • 🥇 FIRST PLACE: Rodrigo Blazquez-Garcia for the paper "Passive Radar Imaging Based on Multistatic Combination of Starlink and OneWeb Illumination"
  • 🥈 SECOND PLACE: Ilaria Nasso for the paper "Target Shape Reconstruction from multi-Perspective Shadows in drone-Borne SAR Systems"
  • 🥉THIRD PLACE: Ignacio Roldan for the paper "See Further Than CFAR: a Data-Driven Radar Detector Trained by Lidar"